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Rama Blue Art Dupion Art Dupion Stylish Men Kurta

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Item / SKU # : IFT-KP-SS-AD-1738      Weight : 1.50 Kg / 3.3 Lb

  3. Tips - Best Kurta Pajama Care

Worried about how to take care of your expensive Kurta Pajama, here are the perfect tips that will help you in keeping your loving Kurta Pajama, new and long lasting wear. Make sure that you get your Kurta Pajama, dry clean, after the first wear and not the hand wash, as hand wash may damage the allure. However, silk fabrics get refreshed and rejuvenate after hand wash, but the embroideries and other works should to be maintained well.

After wearing for few times, you can hand was your Kurta Pajama, but it is suggested that do not wash it in the washing machine and avoid detergents, which contains enzymes and brighteners as it can damage silk and dyes. So better avoid it. After the washing it carefully, put the Kurta Pajama into the washer for a brief spin cycle, and then use towels to absorb the excess moisture. Hang it to air dry and iron while still slightly damp. Wear it and have fun.
Here are some of the important tips for taking care of your expensive Kurta Pajama, specifically for removing stains on your Kurta Pajama, because we understand how terrible stains are.

  • It is suggested to keep washed Kurta Pajama separately from unwashed clothes.
  • Do not use heavy chemical content detergent or soap for the cleaning of your expensive Kurta Pajama, as it might damage color, embroidery and fabric of your Kurta Pajama.
  • Never keep 'once worn' Kurta Pajama back in your wardrobe. If you wish to wear the Kurta Pajama once again, maintain a separate place for keeping them. Remember to place moth repellents in such places.
  • Silk Kurta Pajama is very delicate. Do not wash them. Dry cleaning is best for these valuable Kurta Pajama.
  • Heavy Kurta Pajama like silver and gold embroidery or other such work should not be hanged in the cupboard. Keep them in folded position after worn.
  • In the case of stains, it is suggested to wash Kurta Pajama  with the cold water and small amount soap targeting the stain affected areas. In case of tough stain dry clean is suggested.
  • If the stains are caused buy the oily products such as butter, crayon, medicines, etc, then apply some talc powder. After applying the talc powder on the stains, continuously rub the talc on the stains and then wash with the having some drops of lemon juice in it. Take care that excess of juice is not used because it might fade the color or your Kurta Pajama.
  • In the case of protein stains such as meat stains, blood, egg stains and even perspiration, soak the Kurta Pajama in the cold water and wash with some detergent.
  • For the removal of the ink stains, it is suggested to use peroxide for the complete removal of the stain.

Note: - Incase, if stains still persist, it is recommended to dry clean your Kurta Pajama as fast as possible.

  • Product will ship at your doorstep within 28-30 Business days.
  • Color shades may slightly change with displayed product image on the screen.
  • Garments should always be Dry-Cleaned at first wash.
  • Designer Accessories and Jewellery shown in the product image may not be the part of standard product. Extra material may have been used for modeling purpose.


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