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Multicolor Half Moon Designer Pendant Golden Base Necklace Set with Tika

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Item / SKU # : IFT-JW-BI-CG-8285      Weight : 1.00 Kg / 2.2 Lb

  2. Tips - Best Jewelery Care

At the first look every women is fascinated by the charm, shimmer and stunning beauty of Jewelry, and wishes to own it so that she can enhance her overall beauty. Whether valuable or semi-precious when you take that piece out, after some months, you find it lacks luster. Often many people complaints that about loss in glaze, dullness in color and many other problems with their jewelry. 

Jewelry is meant to be enjoyed, and with proper storage techniques and the constant care we can maintains its everlasting glaze and beauty.

  • Jewelry should be the last thing one puts on when getting dressed (after the lotions/creams, hairspray, make-up, and perfumes are done and dried) and the first thing one takes off before undressing.
  • Never sleep, shower, swim, wash dishes, house clean, or play rough with jewelry on.
  • Perspiration, chlorine, salt water, household cleaners/detergents and lotions can cause discoloration and may loosen the gemstones.
    Never use paper towels, tissue paper, and toilet paper to clean jewelry as these may abrade the jewelry.
  • Keep jewelry in separate compartments or wrapped in tissue in tiny plastic bags, to protect pieces from scratching each other.
  • Plastic bags can be used to keep your jewelry, instead of cloth or leather. This is storage method, however, an exception for opals, pearls and ivory. By this storage method you can keep costume jewelry and similar other items in plastic bags which can be seen easily and where scratches can be avoided.
  • It is suggested that, the jewelry, made-up of silver and other metals that can get tainted in the air should be placed in air-tight containers or zip-lock plastic bags. A jewelry box is not advised since the jumbled up jewelry get scratches. 
  • It is better to utilize individual boxes for keeping the jewelry pieces separated.
  • Showering and cleaning can leave a soap film on your jewelry and make the surfaces appear dull, so try to remove your jewelry first. Also, exposure of jewelry (especially white gold) to chlorine can increase the risk for stress cracks.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry when doing rough work or engaging in sports, to minimize the risk of breaking or chipping. Even diamonds can be chipped by a sharp blow. Also be aware of the delicacy of your fine gold chains--avoid subjecting your chain to stresses that can weaken it, such as wearing it when sleeping, hanging a pendant too heavy for it, or allowing baby to pull on it.
  • Sterling silver will discolor over time as it reacts with contaminants and oxygen in the air. Frequent wearing of silver jewelry actually helps its appearance as the oxidation is rubbed off as it forms.
  • If you wish to clean you jewelry, sterling silver polishing cloth can be used to clean your jewelry before you wear it because it not only cleans but, also adds to the shine and luster.
  • You can also remove it with jewelry cleaner for silver. Follow the instructions and be sure to rinse cleaner off of your jewelry. Be particularly careful in cleaning silver jewelry set with turquoise and malachite, as these stones are especially sensitive to chemicals.
  • Cultured pearls can be damaged by exposure to harsh chemicals or abrasives; handle them with care, put them on with clean hands after makeup and hairspray have been applied, and store them in a soft bag.
  • Don't forget to read the labels and instructions on any cleaning solutions for your jewelry. There are certain beads, gems like turquoise, and pearls that cannot be cleaned with such liquids.
  • Product will ship at your doorstep within 28-30 Business days.
  • Color shades may slightly change with displayed product image on the screen.
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